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How to Make a Beautiful Holiday Wreath

How to make a beautiful holiday wreath? Come to a Windsor Garden Club holiday wreath workshop, of course.

The 2022 Holiday Wreath Making Workshop was lots of fun! Floral designer and WGC member Mary Robledo led the afternoon session, teaching 24 people how to combine fresh greens with other natural elements like berries, pinecones, citrus, Bay leaves and flowers into artful designs fit for any front door. Many thanks to Mary and event organizers Nancy Pieraccini and Cindy Fenton for making the event happen! Cost for the workshop was $10, which included one wire wreath frame and floral tape for securing greens, as well as fresh cut greens donated by local Christmas Tree lots. Participants were instructed to bring any decor elements they fancied, as well as extra greenery and items from their home gardens to share with the group.

To see some of the beautiful wreaths made at the workshop, check out the slideshow below. Many thanks to WGC Community Liaison Angelita Llerena and participant Tanja Miller for the photos!

Why are wreaths part of holiday decorating? Learn about the history of wreaths here.


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