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About the Windsor Garden Club - Join Us!

Join Windsor Garden Club!

Formally, The Windsor Garden Club is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 2009. We are affiliated with the California Garden Clubs. The annual $25 membership dues from the Windsor Garden Club cover membership fees for the California Garden Clubs, Inc., in addition to the Windsor Garden Club.


Informally - we just want to get everyone in Windsor Town out and gardening. Come grow with us! 


We welcome gardeners of all ages, languages and experience!  Damos la bienvenida a los hispanohablantes y tenemos miembros bilingües.


Our members come from a wide variety of backgrounds -- from new gardeners with small patios who want to learn more about container gardening to backyard lovers to experienced master gardeners, horticulturalists and landscape and garden designers. 


Teens interested in gardening, flowers, agriculture, school or club service projects, landscaping, biology and the general outdoors are always most welcome!


Contact Us or come to one of our meetings, hear a speaker, and meet a few of us. We'd love to talk to you about gardening!


Or join our Group on Facebook! Click here to go to the WGC Facebook Group and request to join.*


*If you are on Facebook, click on the link above, and then find the "Join" link. We will get your request to join, make sure you are a real person, and then add you ! Wedo reserve the right to delete spammers, hackers or people who post unsavory things or sales messages.


If you are NOT on Facebook...ask your kids to set you up on your computer or phone and join us there!


Free Stuff, Dues & Memberships


We schedule field trips to gardens, farms and floral shows throughout the year. We also offer a series of hands-on workshops throughout the year, usually tied to the seasons: Holiday Wreath Making, Forcing Bulbs, Creating Hanging Baskets, and more. Workshop fees are affordable and designed to cover the cost of materials.

If you'd like to join the club and help us with some of our education or gardening projects around the Town of Windsor, we'd love it.


Our annual dues are $25, which pay for things like liability insurance, legal fees, membership in the statewide California Garden Club, and club and community projects.


For your annual $25, you can become a card-carrying member of the Windsor Garden Club, an affiliate of the California Garden Clubs, Inc. Our WGC members enjoy discounts at many nurseries in Sonoma County and throughout California.


Click here for a full list of local and Sonoma County businesses which offer discounts to official Windsor Garden Club members.


Go to Membership Benefits Page


Our Philosophy

Formally, the goals of the Windsor Garden Club are to:


  • Educate the community on horticultural topics

  •  Stimulate interest in the beautification of the Town of Windsor

  • Engage in charitable activities

  • And to make contributions to other charitable organizations that promote knowledge and appreciation of horticulture, gardening and conservation. 


Informally - we just want to get everyone in Windsor Town out and gardening. 

Join Windsor Garden Club!

You can join the Windsor Garden Club as a full member by clicking on the link to the form below, printing it, completing it and mailing it to us (click here for the address) with your $25 membership fee.


You don't need a membership to participate in many of our activities, but we do encourage membership since it helps support the club and our projects throughout the Town of Windsor, and it allows you to take advantage of our supporters' discounts.  

Your membership is also a tax donation. Please consider it a donation to support garden and environmental education in the Town of Windsor!


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