Scarecrows & Pumpkins & Plants, Oh My!

Bring the kids and come check out scarecrows, pumpkins and plants on the Windsor Town Green at Farmers' Market Sunday, Oct. 23, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Pumpkins will be popping up everywhere: There will be giant, locally grown pumpkins on display and the town is hosting "Pumpkin Car Races." Children are invited to build their own "pumpkin car" out of mini-punks and race them down tracks that make a vertical drop. Windsor's annual Scarecrows will be on display -- it's a town education fundraiser that pits local clubs and businesses against each other in a contest to build the best scarecrow. And the Windsor Garden Club will be selling fall veggie and flower plant starts, cookbooks, and Succul

To GMO, or Not To GMO?

To GMO or Not to GMO? That’s one of the garden-related questions before Windsor voters and those living in the rest of Sonoma County in the upcoming election. For those who actually may have been spending a whole lot of time in the garden, possibly under rocks: California and the rest of the nation have a general election scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 8. Yes, you can still register to vote. The deadline in California is Oct. 24. Don’t know your polling place? It’s easy to find out. To locate your polling place and get information on how to register to vote, visit the Sonoma County Clerk’s Office voter information website at But back to GMOs: in Sonoma County, one of the

Help Out with Pumpkin Prep Please!

Hi everyone! It's time for Succulent Pumpkins again! For those of you new to the existence of succulent-topped pumpkins and how they are made, read on and be amazed. It is genius! You spray an intact pumpkin with spray adhesive, attach sphagnum moss, hot glue succulent cuttings into place, and with minimal care you can enjoy a live, unique and long-lasting (like 3-6 months long-lasting!) seasonal arrangement. In spring you can remove the succulents and plant them in the ground or a pot. The pumpkin you can compost. We'll have pumpkin pros there for design suggestions and help if you've never done it before. Succulent Pumpkins are just about the biggest fundraiser every year for the Winds

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