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Community Garden Changes Coming in 2020

There will be some changes at the Town Green Community Garden in 2020!

Garden Maintenance Fees: The common space maintenance/WGC project service volunteer requirement for garden plot renters will remain 6 hours per year. (Just a half-hour a month!)

The fee charged to gardeners for any unworked volunteer hours left at the end of the year (Dec. 15) will rise from $10/hr to $20 per hour. These fees are charged to help the Community Garden pay for needed maintenance work left undone by the Community Garden members.

MANY MANY THANKS to all of our wonderful community gardeners who volunteer above and beyond their 6 hour requirement! You all make the garden sparkle!

Raised Bed Renovations: As some of you may have noticed, the redwood holding up our raised beds is deteriorating. It is now 11 years old. This year, the Windsor Garden Club will begin working on replacing the redwood. The work will likely be done in phases over the next few years. During the construction process, some beds will be unavailable for rent; they will be available for partial-year rental after their redwood has been replaced. WGC is looking for donations and grants to help with the cost of this project. We're also looking for members who may be able to manage the renovation process and construction workdays. We are working with the Town of Windsor and are reaching out to service groups to explore potential grant funding and donation of volunteer labor crews to come in and do the actual digging, mesh replacing, and redwood construction that the renovation will require. If you have any desire to volunteer or donate for any part of the construction process, have expertise in project management in this area, or ideas for grant or donation outreach, please get in touch with the WGC Board at We do not yet know when, which, or how many beds will be replaced in 2020. We will keep you posted!

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