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Join the Flower Arranging Group

Windsor Garden Club is forming a floral design group. If you'd like to learn more about arranging flowers and spend time with other beginning designers in free hands-on sessions led by a professional, this is the group for you.

All Classes will be led by Mary Robledo of Flourish Floral Design ( The workshops will be held in the Community Room of the Windsor Senior Center, 9231 Foxwood Dr., in Windsor.

  • “Floral Design Basics I-Mechanics and Arranging" Monday Feb 11th 6:30-8 pm @ the Windsor Sr. Center

  • “Tulips in Floral Design" Sunday Feb 17 1:30 to 4 pm

  • "Hand Tied Bouquets" Saturday May 4 1:30 to 4 pm

  • " Summer Blooms" Saturday Aug. 24 from 1-30 to 4 pm

  • "Wreathmaking"- Either Saturday Nov. 30 or Saturday Dec. 7, depending on when trimmed branches from the Charlie Brown Christmas trees are available for use.

Anyone interested is asked to attend one of the first two sessions to learn the basics.

Group members should bring their own kit or box of tools (see below for tool kit info) and bring floral materials and tools to each class.

Many members bring flowers and greens from their yards to share with the group.

Sequoia Floral International in Santa Rosa offers a complete line of flowers and floral supplies and offers Windsor Garden Club members a 10% discount on all purchases.

RSVP to 707-931-4769 or to participate. Without your contact information we cannot notify you of schedule changes.

Floral Design Kit


  • Clean Sharp pruning shears

  • Small sharp snips

  • Floral food

  • 1 very clean bucket for conditioning your flowers

  • 1 trash bucket for trimmings, as you work

  • 1 very clean vase or container for your final arrangement

  • Tool holder/caddy

  • Sharpening stone

  • Small wire cutters and pliers (important for wreath making.)

  • Sharp knife to cut wet foam

  • A plastic nubbly rose stripper if your work with roses

  • Green paddle wire.

  • Clear plastic floral tape

  • Green floral tape.

  • Floral food in a jar or packets.

  • A Lazy Susan for easy all around designing

Plant Material

  • 3 types of green plant material of various shades, shapes, and textures

  • Showy flowers-your stunning Thrillers!

  • Accent, filler and spiller flowers in various colors and shapes

  • Grasses, ferns, or spikey flowers for strong lines at the end.

Floral Design Basics

  1. Condition your flowers: Pick flowers in the cool of the day. Fill a clean bucket with cool water. Add floral food and stir. Clean each stem by stripping off leaves that will be below the water line, making a fresh diagonal cut, and placing into the bucket. Let drink in a cool spot, like the garage, for 12 hours.

  2. Mechanics/aka preparing your very clean vase: Place chicken wire, wet foam, a floral frog or a tape grid to your vase. Add water containing floral food.

  3. Green your container: The first greens you add set the height and width of your design. Make a fresh clean diagonal cut in each piece as you work. Slice woody material up the stem, as well. Make a nest for your flowers around the edge of the container.

  4. Place your Thriller flowers: Make a fresh cut as you go placing them just above the greens.

  5. Place your Fillers and Spillers: Again, a fresh cut as you insert flowers that hang down over the edge, and flowers that pop like bright points in the middle of the design.

  6. Place your Linear Accents: Again, a fresh cut as you add grasses, spear type blooms, or fern fronds that radiate out from the design. Odd numbers look more natural and pleasing for a unified design.

  7. Caring for your arrangement: Place your arrangement in a cool place in the house. Flowers will take up the most water in the first 24 hours so make sure to give them a drink. Change the water every day or so to keep it clean and bacteria free for a long-lasting arrangement.

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